Example - €150,000, 7% mortgage taken in May 2008 to today - payments of €600 per month for 8 years.

What visitors/clients have experienced

Costa Teguise, L&B M

Costa Teguise, L&B M, purchased a property for €300,000 in 2004 and sold it in 2015 at a significant loss because they were unable to afford the mortgage payments on a €200,000 mortgage.

Montana 7, Sands Beach Resort

Montana 7, Sands Beach Resort, Mr A.R.M, purchased a €150,000 single bed poolside villa property within a complex in 2004 with the help of a €100,000 developers mortgage, which he is still paying today.

Argentina 9

Calle Argentina 9, S&J H purchased a two bedroom apartment in 2004 at the top of the market for €279,000 with the assistance of a €110,000 La Caixa mortgage. They sold the property in 2015.

They had an acute sense of having been charged for everything. Their mortgage payments did not alter throughout and so we anticipate they will have been overpaying around €150 for six year. We anticipate that the analysis of their mortgage will reveal a number of items that the bank should have paid for but were passed on to the borrower.