Spain Plusvalía tax is not now payable, since 2013, if there is no gain.

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Vendors who since 2013 have sold property at a loss can claim back a full refund on their taxes, plus legal interests.

Spain’s Constitutional Court has ruled that ‘Plusvalia’ tax is 'illegal', since 2013, if a property is sold at a loss.

This ruling from 11th May 2017 states that "the ‘plusvalía’ tax can no longer be charged by town halls when a vendor sells a property at a loss". It has nationwide effect and is backdated to 2013.

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Drowning in abusive Insurance costs (+Start your claim)

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Drowning in costs is one of the consequences of the unfair practice of Spanish Banks of 'forcing' insurance costs (Life insurance, Mortgage repayment Insurance) upon the borrower.

Banks have for years been pressure selling expensive insurance policies to those seeking a mortgage to purchase a property in Spain.

Most bank staff have pressured borrowers, by insisting that the policy was 'a requisite' to obtain the mortgage, with most borrowers being unaware that they could shop around and find cheaper quotes from insurance companies.

The only insurance that a bank can insist on linking to a mortgage is buildings insurance!

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Eaten alive - by abusive mortgage 'set up' costs (+Start your claim)

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You could be forgiven for thinking that you would have been safer going into a crocadile pit than to your bank to borrow money!

In December 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that mortgage clauses introduced by Banco Popular and BBVA that forced borrowers to pay all of the fees surrounded or related to taking out the mortgage were abusive.

The Court ruled that the banks should pay for all - or at least part - of these mortgage opening expenses, because making a formal record of the mortgage deed is for the benefit of the bank, not the borrower.

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