Buyers in Spain from the British Isles struggle to recover refunds due (+Start your claim)

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There are tens of thousands of buyers from the British Isles (UK, Eire) who have purchased property in Spain and are entitled to refunds of, potentially, thousands of euros.

Most of these families know nothing about it, and those who do have a difficult time idenitifying and then claiming what they might be entitled to. Much easier if we do that for a low fixed fee

Our service is confidential, fast and efficient and very good value. There is a single, guaranteed refundable, administration fee, of €179 which you can make payment of below.

We are an international legal services company working with fluent English speaking Spanish lawyers/abogados who are specialised in property finance claims in general, and this specific issue in particular.

Our service then springs into action, starting with us obtaining a reduction of your existing mortgage payments that within a month or two will exceed what you have paid.

If we can not do that then you have the guaranteed option to request a full refund of the administaration fee.

More information of this topic is available on this site in considerable depth: .

There is though no requirement for you to read a further word on the subject. As soon as we are instructed by way of payment of the administration fee we shall be in contact with full details of the actions we are taking


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