The Great Spanish Mortgage Scandal! (+Start your claim)

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In Brief

Over the past decade many Spanish banks have issued mortgage agreements that have been found to contain “Abusive” clauses resulting in borrowers paying far more in set up costs and interest on their loan than they should be.

The European Court of Justice and Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that such clauses are unlawful and that mortgage holders are now entitled to challenge them.

They can apply to the courts to have their mortgage reduced, reclaim overpaid interest and recover set up costs.

Note: For a clause to be ruled “Abusive” under Spanish law, it must inflict harm on the consumer and benefit the professional who drafted the contract. An “Abusive Clause” can only be ruled so by a Judge.

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English speaking clients of Spanish Banks have been systematically cheated for years (+Start your claim)

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From around 2000 through to 2011 Spanish Banks made mortgage loans containing a 'floor clause' (in Spanish 'clausula suelo') which virtually no English Speaking borrower (nor many Spanish borrowers) could have understood the implications of.

In December 2016 the European Court of Justice ruled that mortgages containing a 'floor clause' are unlawful.

This has opened the door for an estimated 3 million borrowers including tens of thousands of British and Irish people with property in Spain to claim compensation.

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Buyers in Spain from the British Isles struggle to recover refunds due (+Start your claim)

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There are tens of thousands of buyers from the British Isles (UK, Eire) who have purchased property in Spain and are entitled to refunds of, potentially, thousands of euros.

Most of these families know nothing about it, and those who do have a difficult time idenitifying and then claiming what they might be entitled to. Much easier if we do that for a low fixed fee

Our service is confidential, fast and efficient and very good value. There is a single, guaranteed refundable, administration fee, of €179 which you can make payment of below.

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