Question-09. How do you manage my claim?

Having received your instructions and assessing your claim to be valid, we will contact your lender requesting all appropriate documentation.
Our lawyers will thoroughly examine the mortgage agreement, highlighting any and all “abusive” clauses.
We will calculate all interest overpayments made as a result of the “floor clauses” including interest that would have accrued on the overpaid amount had it remained in your account over the period of the mortgage.
We will assess the set up costs applicable to your mortgage in relationship to “floor clauses” and the jurisdiction in which it was drawn up.
We will scrutinise all clauses in the mortgage relating to insurance products to determine whether these were “abusive”.
We will prepare and submit your claim application instructing the bank to remove all abusive clauses from your agreement and reinstate it as of this date to reflect the true interest rate you should be paying. This will have the immediate effect of reducing the cost of your mortgage by lowering monthly payments and ensuring future savings. We will also claim full compensation relating to overpayment of interest, set up costs and insurance premiums.
We have successfully managed a number of claims so far on a no win no fee basis for victims of abusive “floor clauses” and our lawyers are in no doubt that group action has been an overwhelming factor in the level of compensation achieved on their behalf. We will manage your case from preliminary out-of-court negotiations through to settlement, if necessary attending court as your representatives. From initial consultation to final settlement, our dedicated staff will manage your claim professionally and diligently, ensuring a swift and effective outcome.